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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There

Went to have a Christmas celebration w/ my husband's side of the family in Springfield, MO.  Along the way I saw billboards for a Wildlife Animal Safari.  I checked online for prices and times and was able to go w/ the girls on the way back home. It was amazing!!! There is both a walking and driving section and you can feed animals in both.  The animals come right up to the car and I got some amazing pictures.  Here are some pictures I am proud of and some that show how close you get to the wildlife.
P.S. The REALLY wild animals (lions, tigers and bears OH MY!!! Are kept in individual areas just for them so they don't walk up to the car.)

Meeting Annie the Bear

 The animals walked right up to the car. It was absolutely breathtaking, quite literally. Twice I was looking at something out my passenger side window turned to drive and there was a LARGE animal with it's nose right on my window. I screamed!!!

 These are some of the pictures I got that I feel really captured the beauty and majesty of both the animals and the habitat they are provided to live in. Some of them are just downright cool shots because of how close I was able to get. These were all taken with my 7.1 mp point and shoot. I can't wait until I get the new camera my husband has told me to go ahead and invest in. It may even be worth a trip back to this wildlife park!


  1. Thank you! I have never actually seen a bull with horns like that 0_0

  2. Hey, your site is looking a lot better! The bear is mah fave. Oh and the fish at the bottom are so cute!!! I like it.